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Who are we?

IWS is a one-stop shop when it comes to dealing with industrial projects.

We offer professional project management and services with continuous improvements of our internal processes, a key factor to get your project up and running.

We are experts at designing global solutions. We accompany our customers throughout their projects, from conception to final acceptance and even more - we also provide ongoing operations, maintenance services and training.

Industrial processes, engineering and project management are our core business. We are highly skilled in the fields of power production & distribution, water pumping stations, water treatment solutions, …

Why work with us?

You'll love the flexibility of working with a human-sized company.

Whatever the challenge, we take it on! IWS enjoys well-established, solid partnerships which means we have skills in an extensive range of industrial sectors such as civil, mechanical, electrical, hydro, automation engineering , and can produce innovative solutions tailor made for you, from product to project.

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You benefit from the turnkey services of an experienced team while investing the right price that the major players in the industry cannot compete.

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IWS team manages all projects in accordance with project management, processes methodology to fulfil customers' expectations and keep within the budget, the deadline, and the scope as specified in the project requirements.

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IWS believes in its strategy of promoting technical excellence, team spirit, and a sense of initiative, along with proximity to and strong understanding of its customers.


Water solutions

  • Water pumping stations and transfer
  • Sea-water desalination
  • Water treatment

Electricity production & distribution

  • Renewable & fossil power generation
  • Distribution grid

Other sectors

  • Consulting in Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals

IWS is committed to working with its customers towards a fairer, safer, greener world.

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Our expertise, our talents

Health and safety are paramount at IWS.

We offer customers unique, personalised and high quality solutions in line with their budgets. Our experts are at the cutting edge of supporting and developing your technical solutions, in many sectors.

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You are looking for a partner?

You are looking for a partner?

Ours is a young, agile company with extensive multi-sector expertise so we can provide solutions for a wide range of projects.

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You have a project

You have a project

At IWS, your needs are our priority. Realise your projects with the team you always wanted. Our experts can also suggest financing solutions for your projects.

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